Tuesday, August 02, 2005

It's been 2 weeks...

Isn't that the start of a BNL song???

I can't believe I've been here for two weeks already! I'm glad that I came early because I can't imagine having to go thru what I had to go thru to find a place, try to get it livable, run a gazillion errands (ie.a/c fixed in the car, transfer registration..BORING stuff!) and get my classroom ready all at the same time. I actually just found out that I won't be able to get into my classroom until around the 18th. Not good. The kids come the 24th! No one seems stressed about anything around here so i'm trying to join them- I'm not sure if it's complete inner peace, an awareness that everything will work out in time, or a lack of concern!! It's so NOT like the mainland in that way! I have 3 students on my roster- two that seem easy going and one that DOESN't. How's "reduce biting behaviors" for an IEP goal sound??? I'll keep you posted on that one and make sure my shots are all up to date. That little boy will NOT bite me!

Now for the fun stuff! I finally ventured to a bar last night and it was great fun! It's called Hapa's and apparently the closest thing to a club in Kihei. The major reason that I went was b/c Willie K and his band were playing and I have heard so much about him since I've been here that I just had to go see. What an amazing musician he is! Slide, electric, and acoustic guitars- he was actually playing with his teeth on one of the last songs. Everything from Stevie Ray Vaughn to country to Hawaiian falsetto. Sounds crazy but it totally worked. After seeing all of the different kinds of people on the dance floor and the lack of rhythm that many of them possessed, I joined them! (if you know me at all you KNOW I can't dance) ANyway, it wasn't cheap- $10 cover and $5 a beer. That's Bud Light, not good beer! ANyway, I ran into this girl that I met when I was apartment hunting and we hung out most of the night. She's taking me to the east side of the island snorkeling tomorrow - my first time on the other side. I've rented some snorkeling gear for the week to determine if I think I need to buy or just rent equipment when I want to go. It's really cheap to rent b/c they expect you'll buy other trips, etc. while you're there. I saw a sea turtle Sunday when I went just south of here. I was't quick enough to snap his picture, but hopefully I'll have better luck tomorrow.

I bought a mountain bike at a thrift store today. I took if for a test ride about an hour ago. WHile the bike is great, it was HOLY HOTTER than HAITEEEEE!! I bought a lock for it since apparently stealing is more frequent than I'd like.

I've applied for a server position at several restaurants since I probably won't win the lottery anytime soon. I figured it'd be a good way to meet people also. I really hope that I am hired at this place called Capische. It overlooks the ocean, is all open air, and only open from 5-9 pm! (not to mention a few hotties work there!)

Well if you've made it this far you are probably as tired of reading as I am of writing. Keep writing me emails! I love it!! Mahalo!


just sayin' said...

I used to have to travel to Hawaii for my job as a defense contractor. I worked at Pearl. This was in the 1980s and things were so expensive then. I cannot imagine what they cost now. Good luck to you.

thesuz said...

Hi Morgan,

It is SUPER expensive! Thanks for the well wishes. Apparently Maui is more pricey than any other island. I am feeling it!! (I'm a teacher)... Thanks for the post!