Monday, December 11, 2006

U2, Pipeline Masters...

So you know you look bad when one of your preschool special education students asks you, "What's happened to your hair?" when you get to work!! I came to work from the airport after a super fun weekend. I went to Oahu this weekend to see U2, and ended up getting to see the Pipeline Classic (the best of the world's surfing competitions) on the North Shore yesterday! It was a great time. We stayed in a friend's condo (Jim) in Waikiki which was amazing. The concert really was stellar. I have never been a huge U2 fan, but I've always liked them. I'm really glad I went. I'll post pics when I get them downloaded off of my camera. Looking forward to my trip home 9 days! I can't wait to see Katie and Gavin and of course all of the family. Apparently Gavin is having a birthday party at the bowling alley before I get home, but he says we can go bowling when I get home to celebrate his big day! What a trip. I get in on December 21 and leave on January 5th. I hope to get some good family time and see some good friends. I haven't done all of my Christmas shopping so I'm just g0ing to wait and do the rest in VA.

I need to go to bed after a long, fun weekend.