Friday, March 23, 2007


Greetings from Noosa! I am just north of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia now. Staying in a backpacker hostel. Got in last night from the most unbelievable trip to Fraser Island! There were only 3 other people on the tour with me (all German) and we got along great!! Our tour guide, Adam, was a trip and kept things interesting. He is threatening to come visit me in Hawaii.. somehow I am sure he will!! The perched lakes were AMAZING... blue, green, brown. The sand was sugary like the Bahamas or the west coast of Florida. Pics above are of the beach on the island and of me enjoying Eli Creek. We trekked thru the rainforest and 4 wheeled on the beach while we were there. Dingos all around our camp (cottage actually) looking for food. They reminded me of Jack.. I miss him!! I wanted to pet the dingos, but you can't. They can be very agressive when they feel threatened apparently.

I really enjoyed the company of the Germans on the trip. My fav was a young guy named Flo.. who I gave the nickname "Captain Caddy Catwalk, the German shark"! He is in law school and traveling here a bit after an internship outside of Sydney. I have told him that I will ask a tennis friend of mine, Shannon, if she can arrange an internship for him on Maui in August. That would be great. His birthday is the day before mine and he really is a character!

I hiked in the Noosa National Park earlier with two girls from the UK. We will go out later for dinner and drinks. Then I leave tomorrow to fly to Melbourne. Sharon will pick me up at the airport (a houseswapper from Maui) and allow me to stay in her condo with her. Apparently it is right near the train station so that will make navigation easier. I understand it is much smaller and more manageable to navigate than Sydney. I am sooo directionally challenged that I hope it is!! The weather right now is rainy there I hear, so I hope it clears up before I arrive. It is already going to be chilly/cold while I'm there. And you KNOW I'm a wimp now more than ever in regards to the weather.

Well, I better go!! Hugs and kisses to you!! Cheers, Susie :) (pics to be added when I return)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Pat's Day to you...

Although we celebrated it yesterday, today is St. Patrick's Day in the U.S., so have a green beer for me!! I went to a bar called O'Mally's (ironic enough.. same name as a bar in Norfolk, VA)... had a great time, but there was NO green beer!! I met a bunch of people from New Zealand ... will probably meet up with them in Brisbane (Brizzy as they call it) next week as they will be there for work. My room is pretty much smaller than my bathroom in Kihei, and while clean... there is lots of street noise and I woke up at 5 am this morning due to it! :( Today is the 75th anniversary of the Sydney Bridge so there are street parties throughout Sydney.. good music and shopping and food. What else is there? I have found a few gifts (small thankfully).. and one or two things for myself.

Not sure when I'll be moving on to my next place.. may head out Tuesday to Brisbane/Byron's Bay to go to the Croc Hunter's zoo and possibly Fraser Island (an all sand island that everyone raves about). Still don't have a clue about which side of the sidewalk to walk on but I am starting to understand the money better. No bills under $5 dollars makes for some heavy money!! Oh yeah, I learned a chit chat is a biscuit and a dustman is a garbage collector. Very interesting...

Well, I better go!! Will blog as I am able!! :) Love, Susie

Friday, March 16, 2007

Down Under

G'day mate! I just got into Sydney yesterday very early.. left HI Tuesday night and arrived Thursday morning! Thankfully the trip was only 9 or 10 hours, but with the time change you gain a day and a few hours. I am totally confused with the metric system and all of these people driving on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road! Today I went with my landlords (who I am staying with until tomorrow) on a ferry into Sydney. We found the place where I'll be staying the next few days to make sure it wasn't too seedy of an area. Turns out they did a house swap about a block from there a few years ago. We went thru the botanical gardens (I took a video of a bunch of bats in these huge trees), and then ate lunch together. They went on their way after dropping me at the Sydney Opera House. I took a tour of the opera house where I met a girl named Joyce from Brazil. We ended up spending the whole day wandering the city together and plan to meet up on Sunday. You know how shy I can be! We ended up shopping in a huge market (like a swap meet), going to the Aquarium (really cool) and ate in Darling Harbor. After dinner, we went our separate ways, and I caught a bus, then a ferry, then another bus and then walked a block to here!! I am BEAT. Just wanted to send out an update. Hope to hear from you soon!! Aloha!!