Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sea urchin

You haven't lived on Maui until you've had sea urchin spines in your toe. Today I went tubing on a little speed boat and had a blast. When we were done, we swam to shore. On the way in, I kicked something (I thought was coral). Nope. A sea urchin. Everyone had remedies. Urine. Vinegar. All I knew was it hurt like hell. Now my toe is purple (dye) and ugly. Damn the bad luck.

I'm playing my last mixed double's tennis match tomorrow (I hope). Not sad to see this league end as it was pretty lame. Looking forward to a ladie's league that starts next week.

I'm so exhausted. I just had to write about my random accident. Good night and good luck.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Aloha! I know I have been really slacking on this blog. I just had to write after the past week. Went to the Kokua Fests on both Maui and Oahu this past week. WOW. A few local bands, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Willie Nelson (surprise appearance from Damien Marley) all on the same stage 2 times in the same week!! It was probably my favorite show of all time (outside of a strickly Ben show of course)!! I have my music fix for now. These shows will have to hold me over until Bonnaroo. No problem. Flew on an eight seater puddle jumper (thank you Jordan) and stayed downtown with my roommate and two girls from CA for the Oahu show. Met some crazy guys at Duke's (one of them had a shirt on that said "I feel a sin coming on..") and ended up spending most of the weekend with them (they were going to the concert too). They were pretty funny guys. The girls I roomed with were major LA drama chicks but for the most part I could deal with them. They were "dose" people. You know, you can only take them for a little bit at a time. Then you need a break!

Anyway, gotta get some rest so I better go. Hope to hear from you soon.

Malama pono, Susie :)