Sunday, July 20, 2008

hawaii favorites

sunrise la perouse kam III mulligans akp hana bamboo boogie thousand peaks windmills keawekapu matteos haleakala mango pineapple mahina dog and duck trivia night secrets banyan tree rainbow bird of paradise waterfall seven sacred pools bicycle smoothie ocean turtle pidgeon paula fuga haleiwa hanalei kaulalau trail wailua falls kailua kokua fest lychee avocado star fruit ukulele kaenae peninsula humpback WHALES kayak upcountry sunday at cassanovas cafe marc aurel beauty bar tennis at kalama nakalele blowhole black rock paia town ono gelato

hana hou

i am enjoying my little sister and hillary's visit. we have been all over this island! i am coordinating many things while playing tour far so good. having a bit of a time renting out my ohana (apartment) and trying to be patient with waiting for my orders to go to germany. i am really hoping that i get at least a week with my family in va before i go. poor jack is not going to know what hit him with the long flights ahead. hell, i'm not going to know what hit me either!

trying to balance my love for maui and being okay with leaving and my excitement for the european adventures that lie ahead. i know much more about what i'm leaving than where i'm going at this point! i have been to the thrift store for warm clothing and will be able to send my winter clothing from va. i am going to be in major climate shock! my body is pretty used to 85 degrees all of the time. i'm most definately going to miss the weather here in paradise. and the people. such great people.

i'm going to write a separate post of all of the things i love about maui.

aloha. suz

Saturday, July 12, 2008

aloha saturday

jill and i are just in from an early kayaking trip courtesy of phil the super tour guide. i didn't get phil's message that he had space on his kayak tour until 6 am this morning, and we had to be there at 7 am. we RALLIED and made it there on time. we saw several turtles and fish, a few rays, and i held a sea urchin in my hand. hope to get the pic of that from phil took to post it here. jill is slightly sunburnt today after several hours on the beach yesterday in lahaina and a paddle boarding trip the day before. there hasn't been much time for couch surfing around here lately.

my maui classroom is packed up and on my lanai in large plastic containers awaiting shipment. i have emailed my new principal in stuttgart and am waiting for her reply. here is the website for my new school

i am contemplating what to do about my car and my place here. the car can go with me or i can sell it and buy a newer one in va to take with me. my ohana- apartment- is super sweet, but so far i haven't found anyone that i know that can take it. just posted it on craigslist which i didn't want to have to do, but my options are limited. just need to get coverage for aug and sept. my landlords are back in october and are working with me on covering my lease. if i know you and you want to visit maui in august, there is a possibility that it will be open for the month. i will not charge you too much, but want help covering my rent.

more to come later...

;0 suz