Sunday, July 20, 2008

hana hou

i am enjoying my little sister and hillary's visit. we have been all over this island! i am coordinating many things while playing tour far so good. having a bit of a time renting out my ohana (apartment) and trying to be patient with waiting for my orders to go to germany. i am really hoping that i get at least a week with my family in va before i go. poor jack is not going to know what hit him with the long flights ahead. hell, i'm not going to know what hit me either!

trying to balance my love for maui and being okay with leaving and my excitement for the european adventures that lie ahead. i know much more about what i'm leaving than where i'm going at this point! i have been to the thrift store for warm clothing and will be able to send my winter clothing from va. i am going to be in major climate shock! my body is pretty used to 85 degrees all of the time. i'm most definately going to miss the weather here in paradise. and the people. such great people.

i'm going to write a separate post of all of the things i love about maui.

aloha. suz

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