Friday, June 29, 2007

Going home...

Just in from a bead class. Learned how to make a silk wrapping necklace. Pretty sweet! I am going to try to make everyone necklaces for Christmas, so put your order in now!! :) Packing and getting organized at home. I leave Monday for almost three weeks for NY and VA. Really looking forward to getting off the "rock" as they call Maui and seeing everyone. Getting Jack straight (he will be boarded half and at home being walked half the time), big mahalo to Nikki and Katie for helping me out so much!!

It's gotten hotter here the past week or so. My convertible top is always down now (thank you very much vandels) so it makes for a warm ride around town in the middle of the day. Probably need to go get a newer car, but I'm being cheap and hoping "ole red" lasts a bit longer. No car payment is the way to go right now!!

Having a picnic in the park on Friday, July 13, in Newport News for any of you who will be around. Trying to avoid driving all over town to see everyone!!

Better get going. Have a ton of things to do. Keep in touch!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Flo, Maui Film Fest, camping, trip home...

Here is a pic of me and Flo that he just sent me. I love it! (This is the guy that I met in Australia who is in law school in Germany. We share the same birthday and just really hit it off!)

Late night at the Maui Film Fest. Saw a film, La Vie En Rose, about Edith Piaf, a French singer who lived a life of tragedy and died in her forties after a long struggle with drug addiction. Not exactly uplifting, but very touching. I will be thinking about that movie for a long time!

I am able to go to the east coast next month after all. Thanks to my dad and stepmom's miles! :) I am going to NY to see family and then VA. Can't wait to see my neice and nephew.

Been through a ton since I wrote last. Met a guy who I thought was fabulous. In many ways, he is. Anyway, we dated for around a month and both realized it just wasn't going to work. I am still struggling with it a bit because I really like him. I'm trying to have patience with this. I am not that patient. I really got my hopes up with this guy. And it is such a let down that it isn't going to happen. :(

Been off work for a week and lovin' it. I have been getting so much done at my house. Also relaxing a bit at the beach. Something I don't do nearly enough lately. I did get to go camping upcountry last weekend with a big group of friends. Had a great time. Nature always has a way of making things okay. Anyway, I'm off to walk Jack here shortly.