Saturday, June 16, 2007

Flo, Maui Film Fest, camping, trip home...

Here is a pic of me and Flo that he just sent me. I love it! (This is the guy that I met in Australia who is in law school in Germany. We share the same birthday and just really hit it off!)

Late night at the Maui Film Fest. Saw a film, La Vie En Rose, about Edith Piaf, a French singer who lived a life of tragedy and died in her forties after a long struggle with drug addiction. Not exactly uplifting, but very touching. I will be thinking about that movie for a long time!

I am able to go to the east coast next month after all. Thanks to my dad and stepmom's miles! :) I am going to NY to see family and then VA. Can't wait to see my neice and nephew.

Been through a ton since I wrote last. Met a guy who I thought was fabulous. In many ways, he is. Anyway, we dated for around a month and both realized it just wasn't going to work. I am still struggling with it a bit because I really like him. I'm trying to have patience with this. I am not that patient. I really got my hopes up with this guy. And it is such a let down that it isn't going to happen. :(

Been off work for a week and lovin' it. I have been getting so much done at my house. Also relaxing a bit at the beach. Something I don't do nearly enough lately. I did get to go camping upcountry last weekend with a big group of friends. Had a great time. Nature always has a way of making things okay. Anyway, I'm off to walk Jack here shortly.


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