Sunday, November 09, 2008

i am here...

hi!! i have not been very good at updating my blog at all. or adding pictures. i just have been too busy with sorting through boxes, organizing home and classroom (things from VA/Hawaii/new). It is just about as fun as it sounds, but feels good to be getting rid of stuff i don't need and organizing the stuff i do. i have been having some fun here and there. i'm playing indoor tennis near my school on a fun surface. it's like little bits of erasers. Looks kind of like clay but not slow like clay. anyway, i have met a few people to play with. so far the challenge has been to find someone on my level to play with. i have some headaches at work (paperwork, b.s. that comes with working for a federal govt agency) and home (a new house, work not completed, had to visit the military attorney) but i am keeping my head straight about it all for the most part. thankfully skype is keeping me in contact with my family and a few friends all over the world so my sanity is intact. today i am doing laundry (a much longer process than it needs to be, thanks to german energy conservation), and going on a hash run. i never knew about the hash house harriers until i moved here. apparently it is worldwide and hawaii hashing is pretty intense. it is basically a running club with a drinking problem. i stay away from drinking to much at these events though b/c 1)i can hardly keep up sober and 2)i have to drive home!!. i have been offered a ride today, but i'm not sure if i should take olaf up on it b/c that means no excuse to drink less! (i am such a lightweight.. especially regarding german beer!)

anyway, my mom goes in for surgery on tuesday and my thoughts are with her. i know that it will go well and she will be fine, but it is hard not being able to be there. please send her lots of good energy in Virginia.. not that she needs it!! she has the best attitude. MY MOM ROCKS.

I am going to Italy for Thanksgiving with my friend John from work (he is from there). I am looking forward to it. Jack even gets to go! I have one good friend at work who LOVES Jack and watches him for me when I travel usually. I am very lucky to have her. Her name is Heidi and she is also an excellent support for me. Kind, fun, happy, and has lived in Germany most of her life (this helps at restaurants...).

i will try to get pics up soon. i have so much to do that somehow it keeps taking the back burner. I miss my people and my maui sunshine. it is a tougher transition than i imagined. i will have to write a "the things that suck about germany" email sometime, but i'm just not in the mood to gripe right now.

Keep in touch and take care!! Love and miss you. :) Susie