Thursday, February 14, 2008

Watchin fireworks in my hammock

I just had to post that I just finished watching fireworks that one of the big hotel puts on from the comfort of my hammock on my lanai. How cool is that? Well, Jack didn't appreciate it, but I did!!

Super tired after long day and work and nanny job this evening. Looking forward to the long weekend! Also looking forward to Aimee coming to visit on the 23rd. After Aimee leaves, my mom gets here!! I am loving it.

Aloha from the valley isle...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Feb 2

Hi! It's been tooo long! Just in from ping pong at the Peitscher's. Kurt is visiting from Michigan until the 8th. Planning a birthday party for myself and two friends who share my birthday for next Saturday, the 9th. Looking forward to it! I hope the weather improves soon. It's been overcast, raining, and windy on and off all week! I know you mainlanders don't want to hear me complain, but I need my sunshine soon or someone might get hurt! Anyway, not much to report... just wanted to write a bit.

Be in touch!

Aloha, Susie