Sunday, February 01, 2009

Ok... so I forgot to post this on january 20th.. slacker!

President Obama takes the helm. Here’s to a new beginning! I am hopeful, as are so many of us, that our country is going to take a turn for the better with such a fresh, positive leader as our guide. That’s about as political as I get…
I have moved out of my house and am awaiting moving into my new apartment next week. For the past week, Jack and I have been staying with a friend, who has been so kind to open his apartment to us. We will move into a hotel on Thursday, where we will stay until next Wednesday…when we move into the new apartment downtown! I am thrilled to get settled in after too many months of living in a place that was temporary. I have had enough of moving to hold me over for quite some time!
I am planning a birthday party next month for my friends Torsten, Florian, and myself. Somehow, I end up making the closest friends with people whose birthdays are very close to mine! Torsten is a sweetheart of a German guy who lives and studies in Munich. I met him at Oktoberfest… he and his boyfriend visited me in November and we went to see the musical Wicked together (in German, I’m afraid). Florian is a younger German guy who I met when I was traveling in Australia year before last. He is studying law in Heidleberg and is from a town near where I live (Stuttgart). Which reminds me, I have a new mailing address. Just an FYI, it is considered a NYC address, so if you send me mail, a regular U.S. stamp will do! Here it is (only the zip code changed):

CMR 447 Box 196
APO AE 09020-196

My mom is doing super with her recovery. She is completely cancer free and starting a light exercise program. She is taking a master gardening course, which starts soon and she is very excited about (she could probably teach the class!). I am hoping that she will make the trip to visit after I get out of school in June. I also hope that Lisa makes it here since she never made it to Maui (tsk, tsk..)!
The weather is simply horrid. Anyone who was jealous of my living in Maui can now rest assured that I am freezing my butt off! Tomorrow the low is 28 degrees. It has snowed more times that I can count, and apparently is the COLDEST WINTER this area has seen in many years. Oh well, it is beautiful and thanks to my U.S. shopping spree, I have plenty of warm weather gear to take the edge off. Jack LOVES the cold weather and doesn’t seem a bit bothered by the snow and ice. I can’t say that I am quite as excited about the dreary weather. Thankfully, the job is going well, I’m meeting great people and experiencing new things so often that it’s not the focus of my life. Going to sign off for now. Once I find my camera, I will download pix and post them. I hope you are having a great start to the new year!

Peace, Susie