Monday, July 31, 2006

Are you kidding me?

So, today was the first day of school for students. I have 3 kiddos (2 who showed up today 1 starts next week) and they did well. HERE is the latest job related problem... There is a possibility that a Spec. Ed. position may be cut from this school based on low numbers. WHAT?!?! I overheard this and went to the proper person at the school and district levels. They are both supposed to get back to me ASAP with what this means to me exactly. Many factors involved, but I am NOT going thru this again. I hope the other position (outside of the DOE) is open, b/c if I don't have it in WRITING on letterhead by Friday that my position is secure, I'm out. I can't believe this. I heard about how screwed up the DOE is here, but are you kidding me? I have a master's degree and several years of experience in my field and I am pond scum b/c i am not tenured in this state??? I am trying not to flip my lid. Please send me an email saying something nice, b/c i need it right now. Thanks.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

For Cindy

A pic of the adorable Ryan.. he was left out of the pics i posted from my trip home. Oops! anyway, i am just in from a long morning walk with jack. they keep getting longer and he insists on going on the beach now. not that i am complaining, but it just extends our long walk!! he seems to be doing much better now that i am home.

just checked out to see how my dad did racing last night.. haven't talked to him yet. he finished 10th. i'm sure he had fun!! it was so good getting to see him do what he loves when i was home.

i have a tennis match at noon and that's all i have planned for the day.. the students come to school tomorrow so i'll need a good night's sleep!! aloha, susie

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New job...

Aloha. I have struggled with my job situation and finally decided to take a preschool sped. position at Kamalii El. in Kihei. Originally this position was not offered to me. It is the same school that offered me a 2nd grade resource teacher job. The VP talked the prek teacher to switch with me (literally 30 minutes before I was supposed to make my decision on Monday). It threw me for a loop b/c I was basically going to take the early intervention job. ANYWAY, I have not heard from the DODEA (Japan job) yet, so I am content with what I have. This new school is closer to my house (3 instead of 6 miles!), is air conditioned (thank God!) and I have my own room. My co-teacher from last year was kind enough to help me move my stuff to my new classroom yesterday (our first day back). I had volleyball last night. I enjoyed seeing all of the people, but my game has not miraculously improved over the summer unfortunately.

Thank you for your support and suggestions in this short but stressful time since I've been back.

Sincerely, Susie

Sunday, July 23, 2006

East Coast Pics

Here are some pictures of my family and friends on the east coast (and one shot from here...) ! Had a great trip home and I'm getting more organized in my new place here on Maui. Wanted to post a positive blog the crazy news I posted about the other day. Thanks so much for the emails of encouragement regarding my job situation. Enjoy the pics!

Life has thrown me a curveball!!

Aloha to you. I just arrived back on the island this past Wednesday. On my way home from VA, I got a voicemail from a principal of an elementary school in Japan (through the Dept. of Defense). He wanted to talk to me about a position teaching preschool Spec. Ed. on an American base outside of Tokyo. I called him back from Maui and told him I'd be in touch but that things didn't look so good b/c I start work here next Tuesday. Well.. then the next day I am informed that the position I had last year was going to to be taken by a tenured teacher. WHAT?!? Long story as short as possible, I now will probably accept a position as a resource Sped. teacher for 2nd graders at an elem. school nearby. I have to decide by tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, I am waiting to get word about an interview with the D.O.D. about the opportunity in Japan. I have no idea what the next few weeks might bring!!

I will keep the latest posted here. I may only be changing schools and grade levels, or I may be accepting a position in Tokyo and moving 12 more hours from VA. Keep your fingers crossed that the best thing works out for me!! The Japan job pays about twice what I am making now, pays my housing and bills, pays for the move completely, and is the opportunity of a lifetime. I LOVE Maui and I loved my job, but we shall see what the future holds.

Will be posting soon... Susie :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

End of my east coast visit...

Tomorrow is the last day of my month long visit to the east coast. I fly back to Hawaii early Tuesday morning from Norfolk. It's a bittersweet departure. My niece and nephew are so great and it will be the hardest leaving them. I have really had fun and have seen so many people on this trip. I'm exhausted! Jack has been boarded since last Thursday, so I'm sure he won't be speaking to me upon my picking him up. I am glad that it only had to be for a week.

Tomorrow I'll tie up some loose ends. Paying off the Honda and need to decide whether to sell it or park it at my mom's. Will pick up the kids after lunch and spend the afternoon/evening with them and my mom. Katie has really grown since I saw her in December and is really something else. Gavin, well, he just gets smarter every time I see him! He has decided now (at 4 and 1/2) that he is going to be an archeologist. (Not a paleontologist as Cindy thought).

Bonnaroo was great fun (dirty, but good times), the outer banks weather could have been better, but it was good to be with family (well, most of the time!), it was nice catching up with extended family in New York, and of course seeing family and friends in VA. Got to see my dad race last night.. he finished 4th. It rained before his race so I was really worried I wouldn't get to see him race at all, but thankfully it was just a quick shower. I'll post my favorite pics upon my return to Maui.

I will arrange and organize my new place when I get back, and start preparing myself for work. It will be tough getting up to an alarm clock! Also, the gym is calling my name. I know I've gained a few pounds on this extended trip. Mom's cooking is just too yummy!

Well, better get going. Thanks for the hospitality, the bed to sleep on, and the tasty meals. I'm sure if you are reading this, I probably need to thank you for one or all of the above!!

Much aloha,

Susie :)