Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New job...

Aloha. I have struggled with my job situation and finally decided to take a preschool sped. position at Kamalii El. in Kihei. Originally this position was not offered to me. It is the same school that offered me a 2nd grade resource teacher job. The VP talked the prek teacher to switch with me (literally 30 minutes before I was supposed to make my decision on Monday). It threw me for a loop b/c I was basically going to take the early intervention job. ANYWAY, I have not heard from the DODEA (Japan job) yet, so I am content with what I have. This new school is closer to my house (3 instead of 6 miles!), is air conditioned (thank God!) and I have my own room. My co-teacher from last year was kind enough to help me move my stuff to my new classroom yesterday (our first day back). I had volleyball last night. I enjoyed seeing all of the people, but my game has not miraculously improved over the summer unfortunately.

Thank you for your support and suggestions in this short but stressful time since I've been back.

Sincerely, Susie

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