Sunday, July 23, 2006

Life has thrown me a curveball!!

Aloha to you. I just arrived back on the island this past Wednesday. On my way home from VA, I got a voicemail from a principal of an elementary school in Japan (through the Dept. of Defense). He wanted to talk to me about a position teaching preschool Spec. Ed. on an American base outside of Tokyo. I called him back from Maui and told him I'd be in touch but that things didn't look so good b/c I start work here next Tuesday. Well.. then the next day I am informed that the position I had last year was going to to be taken by a tenured teacher. WHAT?!? Long story as short as possible, I now will probably accept a position as a resource Sped. teacher for 2nd graders at an elem. school nearby. I have to decide by tomorrow afternoon. Meanwhile, I am waiting to get word about an interview with the D.O.D. about the opportunity in Japan. I have no idea what the next few weeks might bring!!

I will keep the latest posted here. I may only be changing schools and grade levels, or I may be accepting a position in Tokyo and moving 12 more hours from VA. Keep your fingers crossed that the best thing works out for me!! The Japan job pays about twice what I am making now, pays my housing and bills, pays for the move completely, and is the opportunity of a lifetime. I LOVE Maui and I loved my job, but we shall see what the future holds.

Will be posting soon... Susie :)

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