Sunday, July 16, 2006

End of my east coast visit...

Tomorrow is the last day of my month long visit to the east coast. I fly back to Hawaii early Tuesday morning from Norfolk. It's a bittersweet departure. My niece and nephew are so great and it will be the hardest leaving them. I have really had fun and have seen so many people on this trip. I'm exhausted! Jack has been boarded since last Thursday, so I'm sure he won't be speaking to me upon my picking him up. I am glad that it only had to be for a week.

Tomorrow I'll tie up some loose ends. Paying off the Honda and need to decide whether to sell it or park it at my mom's. Will pick up the kids after lunch and spend the afternoon/evening with them and my mom. Katie has really grown since I saw her in December and is really something else. Gavin, well, he just gets smarter every time I see him! He has decided now (at 4 and 1/2) that he is going to be an archeologist. (Not a paleontologist as Cindy thought).

Bonnaroo was great fun (dirty, but good times), the outer banks weather could have been better, but it was good to be with family (well, most of the time!), it was nice catching up with extended family in New York, and of course seeing family and friends in VA. Got to see my dad race last night.. he finished 4th. It rained before his race so I was really worried I wouldn't get to see him race at all, but thankfully it was just a quick shower. I'll post my favorite pics upon my return to Maui.

I will arrange and organize my new place when I get back, and start preparing myself for work. It will be tough getting up to an alarm clock! Also, the gym is calling my name. I know I've gained a few pounds on this extended trip. Mom's cooking is just too yummy!

Well, better get going. Thanks for the hospitality, the bed to sleep on, and the tasty meals. I'm sure if you are reading this, I probably need to thank you for one or all of the above!!

Much aloha,

Susie :)

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