Friday, March 16, 2007

Down Under

G'day mate! I just got into Sydney yesterday very early.. left HI Tuesday night and arrived Thursday morning! Thankfully the trip was only 9 or 10 hours, but with the time change you gain a day and a few hours. I am totally confused with the metric system and all of these people driving on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road! Today I went with my landlords (who I am staying with until tomorrow) on a ferry into Sydney. We found the place where I'll be staying the next few days to make sure it wasn't too seedy of an area. Turns out they did a house swap about a block from there a few years ago. We went thru the botanical gardens (I took a video of a bunch of bats in these huge trees), and then ate lunch together. They went on their way after dropping me at the Sydney Opera House. I took a tour of the opera house where I met a girl named Joyce from Brazil. We ended up spending the whole day wandering the city together and plan to meet up on Sunday. You know how shy I can be! We ended up shopping in a huge market (like a swap meet), going to the Aquarium (really cool) and ate in Darling Harbor. After dinner, we went our separate ways, and I caught a bus, then a ferry, then another bus and then walked a block to here!! I am BEAT. Just wanted to send out an update. Hope to hear from you soon!! Aloha!!

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Mag said...

WHEW! You really can make me tired. Sounds like fun. I can't wait to hear ALL about your adventures when we get to HI.