Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Keiki's Are Coming...

The 24th is the first day the Keiki's (said Kay-Kees) come to school. Judging by the emails I've been getting, I thought I better post a blog about what's going on with my new school environment! I've been going in for the past two and a half weeks for at least part of the day. My co-teacher, Rochelle, has been there along side me almost every day. She is a second year teacher who grew up here in Kihei. She attended our school growing up and is really sweet and flexible. Actually everyone I have met at work is incredibly friendly and personable! One of my boxes (a small one) theat I mailed to myself almost a month ago from VA arrived today. I was so excited! It was a good one to arrive first b/c it had materials for the beginning of the year in it along with my favorite large puppet. As far as my students, I have 5 on my roster right now but one of them is a monitor meaning she will attend a regular preschool and I will maintain her paperwork, etc. I have one little girl who has Down Syndrome, and three boys. One of the boys is non-verbal and has a diagnosis of Autism. He was a student in another pre-school classroom last year and his reputation precedes him. This is usually not good! I am off tomorrow because it is a holiday, Admissions Day, which has to do with being admitted into the U.S. or something. I should know more, but I don't! It works out well that I'm off b/c my furniture is coming sometime after noon!!!! I am very excited about that. It turns out that the furniture that my landlords were going to loan me isn't available, so I had to make alternative plans. I found a place in Lahaina (20 min. north of here) that sells and delivers used furniture, and that is where it is coming from. I will now officially not be making any more big purchases. I REALLY hope that I get most of the money I spent back when I go to sell it when I leave. All of the tables/stands are light colored bamboo. I am especially excited about the kitchen table. I'll post some pics later. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I will be sleeping on a bed tomorrow night for the first time since I've been here. The old air mattress has been good (and for future visitors, is really comfortable) but it IS an air mattress!!

I went to Lulu's last night- a neat bar/restaurant in the middle of town. It was karyoke night, so I was prepared to cover my ears. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! Those people could really sing! I am used to people who think they can sing but really just had a few too many!! Lisa, you will have to sing one of your Grease tunes if you make it to visit. Someone did the new country song "My Give A Damn Is Broken" last night. I hadn't heard that song, but it was great.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to catch up on individual emails now. Be sure to let me know what's going on in your world when you get a chance.

Aloha!! Susie

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