Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Aloha to you! Here is a picture of my sweet dog, Jack! The other 2 (of the same picture!!) are of me on the first night me and Jamie were in Key West in June. I'm pretty sure that was the night that I had too much to drink...uhhhhgh. It was fun until I woke up the next morning!! Thankfully we got a ride home from some guy with a bike with a cart on the back.. I can't figure out how to delete one of these!!

Fast forward to NOW. Things are falling into place here. I seem to make a daily trip to Walmart for something. Is it bad when the cashiers call you by name??? I now have a small t.v. (however the cable we pay for in our rent that i just found out about doesn't work right now!), a printer, a webcam and microphone, a toaster oven... the list goes on. So much for not stockpiling while I am here! I got a flight to Honolulu today- I leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening. Some VA friends are going to be there (Yvonne and Missy) and I am looking forward to seeing them and Oahu!! I have to go to an orientation in Wailuku on Monday and at my school on Tuesday so it will be my last hurrah. I figured now was the time with the offer of the free place to stay and no dog to worry about yet. By the way, I MISS MY DOG!! I get frequent reports about him from my mom, but it's not the same. When I'm done eating, there's no one to give the leftovers too. When I go to sleep, there's no one to fight with for my side of the bed (maybe that's good considering I'm sleeping on an air mattress right now)! Oh well, he'll be here in a month. Then I'll have to deal with getting him to go to the bathroom while on a leash which he's never really done (on command anyway).

I had the pleasure of sitting in the Social Security Admin. building for over an hour today. I was granted this joy because I erroneously laminated my original SS card several years ago in an effort to be efficient. Apparently this makes it invalid. I need a valid SS card to get a HI driver's license. I need a HI driver's license to get the local discount. I don't know why she swallowed a fly, perhaps she'll die!

Monday night I played tennis with a Jamaican guy at these public courts. Let me rephrase that. I ran my butt off all night and lost! It was fun and he was nice- I met them there while I was there hitting on the practice wall. I also got the phone numbers of a guy and a girl who play USTA here. THey were so friendly and encouraged me to call this one lady to join a team for the fall. It's so cool, at these public courts you can just show up and pretty much know that you will find a match!! I love it!

Anyway, for friends and family, I have posted yet more pics in a new photo album called AAAAJune/July '05. ( ). They are from June and July.. better late than never. It is VERY hot here right now. I heard on the news last night something about record highs this week. WHeeww, whoever said there is no humidity here LIED!! I have the A/C running most of the time during the day.

WEll, I best go. Take care and keep in touch! Mahalo! Susie :)

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