Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Hana Highway!!

I am just in from a fantastic trip up the Hana Highway!!! I had the hardest time deciding which pics to put here. The first picture is of Honomanu Bay. As you can tell, the water was such a clear blue. The junker car is one of the many found on the island that have been abandoned and then decorated in some unique way. The next pic is of Lower Puohokamoa Falls. I had to hike a little trail (muddy and slippery) to get to it, but it was pretty easy and worth it! The last shot was taken at the Ke'anae Peninsula. The ocean continually pounds through jagged lava rocks and it is breathtaking! I got my feet wet here- burrrr- the water was Fraeezzzing! When I left this area, I stopped at this little hut and got the best homemade banana bread and pineapple/strawberry smoothie I have ever had! The bread was still warm and the smoothie was a much needed relief from the heat. I had the top down on the Miata for the whole ride. Great views but a little warm at times. In the shade it wasn't bad! I stopped at a place called Ching's Pool after the peninsula and went for a dip. I unfortunately don't have any digital pics of this b/c I only took my waterproof camera down there with me. The water was really cold but refreshing. It said "No swimming, domestic water," but there were locals in the water so I jumped right in! Next I turned off the highway into a small settlement called Wailua. There was supposed to be a view of a waterfall there according to my handy Maui book, but all I saw was a funny sign and an angry local! (See first picture about Ass Biting Dogs!!)

I stopped around the 22 mile post and headed home. I had to make it home for a webcam session with the family in Virginia. It was such an awesome trip already and I'll be returning to catch the things I missed later of course. I left home at about 8:15 this morning, and made it back around 2:15. The windy road was a bit nauseating on the way down since I wasn't stopping at all!! The cybervisit was awesome! It was so great to 'see' everyone. My nephew, Gavin, made me cry with his version of "You're a Grand 'Ole Flag!". I'm such a wimp! It was the next best thing to getting to be right there. Thank God for technology!! Be in touch!! Cheers, Susie :)

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