Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No worries attitude tested...

I am here to tell ya that i have dealt with some major b.s. since I've been here. To make those of you who are envious of my living in paradise, here ya go...

My stepmom, Maggie, has been kind enough to agree to fly out with my dog- I originally thought it'd be cheaper this way, now I'm not so sure. Either way, she'll be my first visitor and I'd rather pay a little more to get her out here... Today I checked her flight to see what time it leaves Honolulu on the 19th of september so I could schedule the interisland leg of the flight... to discover that the flight was not leaving on the 19th. No. The flight was from the 12th to the 16th. 4 days. Maggie is supposed to fly across the U.S. on a 15 hour flight and return 4 days later. Not even enough time to be void of jet lag even. To make a long story interesting, well, never mind. No way to make it interesting. It just took me an hour and a half and two more phone calls to get it all straightened out and avoid the 100.00 charge for changing a flight. I think it's straight now. If not, maybe Maggie and jack can just hang out on Oahu for awhile (just kidding maggie!!)

This wouldn't be that big of a deal if my brand new, less than a month old, not cheap, Toshiba laptop hadn't CRASHED Sunday when I was burning a cd for a girl I hardly know! Many phone calls and a few Advil later I found a guy in Kihei to back up my data (i know, i should have thought of that earlier...) for 49.99. I called Best Buy who told me to call Toshiba who told me the closest authorized dealer who would be covered under warranty was in Hilo. That's on the Big Island. Not an option I wanted to explore. I took it to the Kihei guy and he made a comment about the 40 gigs of info. on my one month old computer. I had to download many cds to get me through while on Maui!! Anyway, I have it back now and he was able to fix it. Apparently some file on my dvd burner was corrupt and conflicting with XP. Damn technology.

I would have been able to deal with the computer glitch a little better had I not had to listen to "mommy coming back" in a whining, crying voice all day Friday and Monday from one of my darlings in my class. I also worked monday night at the restaurant and it was DEAD so I made very little in tips. And no famous people came in.

I still haven't made it to the DMV to get my Hawaii driver's license so that I can get my kamaina discount (local). My new social security card has arrived, but I haven't made it out of work on time yet and can't get there before it closes. ( i had to go to the social security office for a few hours 30 minutes away, wait a few hours, and then I was told it would take 10 days to come in the mail).

On the bright side... I have a new cool roommate, Karen. She moved here from Michigan to teach 5th grade at Kihei Elementary. She not only has cut my rent in half (now only 725/month), we end up hanging out at night here and there and have been on a few excursions together (see Rule 13 in next blog..). My dog is coming soon, we have Monday off, Julie and Tyg are coming at the end of the month, and I'm finally settled in with all I need at my apartment. I'm still waiting to meet my sugardaddy with a yacht, but I have faith he will appear soon.

Until next time.. Aloha! Susie :)

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