Sunday, July 31, 2005

July 31

Aloha to you! I am settling in my new place after much shopping and cleaning. I am off today to get blinds for my windows, snorkeling gear, and to explore. I want to see a waterfall! Anyway, I have added new pics to the maui photo album on my yahoo photo site ( Check out the rainbow I caught on the side of the mountain on the way back from Lahaina Friday evening! There are several of Banyan Tree Park in Lahaina.. very cool. There was a strange odor of marijuana under that tree... ANyway! Very cool - it's all one big tree. I just stumbled upon it trying to take a shortcut to my car. Thanks for staying in touch. Since it's just me here, I look forward to a friendly email when I return from my daily excursions.

In reading the weekly Maui paper, I am discovering that there is quite a drug problem across the island. Methamphetamine apparrently. THis problem is creating other problems such as car theft and the like. I'm sure my new ride will be fine, but I do check my parking spot each morning to make sure it's still there!

For those of you who have never been to Maui, here are a few interesting tidbits of info for ya.
There are abandoned cars scattered along roadsides across the island. Not a bunch, but enough to be an issue. For some reason, they do not take the time to locate the owner of the car and require them to tow them away. Local artists have taken it upon themselves to decorate these pieces 'o junk with bright colors and messages such as "Save our Island!" Also, there are talks of developing a wind farm on the north west coast to generate a renewable source of energy. Very interesting...

I gotta get going. Have a great day. Bye for now!!! SUsie


Heather said...

Hey Glad to hear from ya! Sounds pretty interesting there. Hopefully i will be back on the net in a few months. Me and the boys are moving to NC. But don't worry we will be fine! I'll write again soon!
Take care
Hugs Heather & Boys

thesuz said...

Heather, I'll wait to hear from you when you are back online. You know you can go to the local library to check email, right? I hope you and the kids are okay considering and I know that you are doing what is right for you. Take care!! Lots of love, Susie