Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Found an apartment!

I am $5,700.00 poorer, but I now have a car AND an apartment! Wow have I spent some loot in the past week. I just got in from dinner and an awesome drive to Wailea. What a sight! The sun was setting, and there are shops that I don't think I can afford to go into (fendi, louis vuitton, etc). Will have to go back just to look around sometime. About the apartment... it's all tile and marble.. really nice. It's not furnished, but none of the places that allows pets that are decent are. (the ones in my price range anyway!) With my monthly rent coming to $1450, I will be getting a job at a restaurant as soon as I can. Don't want to get a roommate unless I find someone I really think I would want to live with. I FINALLY have an address to give out. I will email it out after I'm done here. Hope you all is well in your world and thanks for being interested in my adventures. Pls. keep me posted with what is going on in your world too!

Aloha! Susie

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