Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Last minute details

Besides packing, arranging the details for Jack's trip to Hawaii including his quarantine, etc. has been my most recent ordeal. Turns out it will cost 850 to fly him in cargo, with a layover in chicago, to the quarantine station on Oahu. I thought that I was going to have to fly to Oahu from Maui to pick him up but have discovered a dog handler named Joyce Colburn who has agreed to pick him up at the station and drop him off at the airport. She is charging my $35.00 which is a bargain compared to what it would cost me to fly there to get him. I have to get a certified letter giving her permission to pick him up, and I'm not sure what number to give as a contact number as my cell phone number will be different than it is now. Details!

Got a cavity filled at 8 am. this morning. :( It was the only time that they could squeeze me in since I'm leaving on the 19th. I think I've gotten all of my appts. out of the way now. Mom and Mike have been great in allowing me to stay in their home - no major headbutting yet! Mike's early morning singing leaves much to be desired, but you have to act like it doesn't bother you or he will sing louder. Jack is in heaven out here in chuckatuck. he's gotten kinda lazy in the morning and won't go out early when mom gets up cause he wants to sleep in.

Thanks to Leigh North's helpful info. , I have been mailing boxes to myself at my new school and shipping them bookrate. It's really cheap! With $50 of insurance a piece, it's only $10 for 30 lbs. of stuff! I bought a Maui guide book at Barnes & Noble earlier which should provide good reading on the 15 hour journey i'll be making soon. I'm debating on whether to buy snorkeling equipment now since it'll be cheaper, but if I mail anything else to Kihei Elementary, they might not appreciate it too much.

The big party is this saturday. looking forward to seeing lots of great people and hope that the weather holds up. jamie has really gotten into the preparation of this thing! i need to try on my grass skirt and coconut bra to figure out what to wear under it (bathing suit?) Mom wanted to go without a bathing suit underneath, but that ain't happenin' for me thank you very much.

ENjoying my new Toshiba laptop!! Better sign off for now. Hope to see ya before I go!!

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