Monday, July 25, 2005

Still homeless in Kihei!

I'm getting close to finding a decent place that allows dogs, I think! Hopefully this time tomorrow I'll know for sure where I'll be living. My last day at this place (Kihei Akahi) is Wed. and I am looking at 2 promising places later today. I have found an AWESOME place for a reasonable amount of money that is nicely furnished, but NO PETS! :( I have narrowed it down to an apartment in either kihei shores or kihei villages. will have an extra bedroom to rent out if i can find a decent roommate (wanna move in?) or for my out of town guests that seem to be arriving almost monthly at this point! Bought the used Miata- LOVE IT! Getting the a/c fixed tomorrow which will be nice. Whoever said their is NO humidity in Maui lied. It is better than VA, but not nonexistent. I'm NOT complaining!! Anyway, met my mentor from work at her house today mostly to talk shop, but she was great. I think I'm meeting a lady I met in my apt. search out for a drink later. She's a teacher in Colorado who lives here in the summer. Looking forward to getting this housing b.s. done so I can go exploring more. I drove to Lahaina Saturday and it was great! Can't wait to go shop/eat in the whaling district. Start making your flight arrangements now so you can go with me!! Better go for now. Be in touch... :) Aloha!

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