Thursday, July 07, 2005

Headin to Maui

Just under 2 weeks until I move to Maui. Seems like the more I do in preparation, the more I have left to do! I found out today that it will cost more for Jack to fly to Hawaii than it will for me! Go figure. I'm trying to work it so he is only quarantined for 5 days after he arrives which would be in early September (Mom willing). You wouldn't believe the red tape with transferring a pet to Hawaii.

Spoke to my 'mentor' at Kihei Elem. today. Her name is Joyce and she is super nice. She was so eager to answer my questions and assured me that I will be more than happy at my new school. Right now I have 3 self-contained students. My first day of school is August 18. She agreed to meet me at the school before then and show me around. She even offered to call me back this weekend with the number of the apartments right by the school b/c they are only 3 years old and so close by. She wasn't sure what they cost, but hopefully they will be reasonable or I will be able to find a good ohana. She said you have to be careful with those. It all depends on who the people renting wil be.

I'm staying at mom and mike's for the most part although I've stayed at Lisa's, Jamie's, and Gail's in the past week! I've been running around visiting and getting errands done all week. Today I stayed in Chuckatuck and worked on packing/organizing/etc. Talked to Uncle Dan tonight. He seemed to be down for sure, but glad to be home from the hospital (he was discharged today and starts PT three times a week tomorrow). He got his son a new puppy- a cavalier spaniel. It seemed to have his spirits up a little.

Wanted to post a few pics of us on Lisa and Scott's boat on the 4th of July... but for some reason it's not working. We had fun anyway, and Gavin especially liked the green fireworks.

Better sign off for now.. Suz

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