Friday, July 22, 2005

Getting it all done!

I am exhausted! Got here Tuesday around 6 pm Maui time. My flights went fine but it was just a really long day!! Checked into my place at Kihei Akahi, which has been nice. It's across the street from the beach (they call it Kam II) and fully furnished. I've had a touch of a cold or something- the worst has been the lack of energy when I really need lots of it! Getting better by the day though. I visited my school the other day and it is nice. No A/C but good ceiling fans. Will take some adjusting I'm sure, but anything beats the cold ass breeze we had to endure at BME last year! Met one of my students, a little girl with Down Syndrome. Really cute little girl. Also met several staff who are so kind and generous. One of the ladies just called to tell me her neighbor is selling a car, but she was TOO late!! I am buying a 1990 Miata on Sunday!! I have a rental until then so the guy (Mack) has agreed to meet me at the car rental place. He is a teacher and he and his wife have been here for 25 years. They live in Pa'ia which is off of the windy Hana highway up near the airport. Super nice guy.

The beach and weather are gorgeous of course. Haven't spent much time sunbathing due to all of the stuff I've had to get done. I hope to know by tomorrow where I will live starting Sunday! I have narrowed it down to 2 places.. waiting to hear back from both of them tomorrow. One is a 2 BR/2 BA apt right across from the beach with a pool, jacuzzi, tennis, etc. It ain't cheap or furnished, but it allows SMALL dogs so I am interested. THe landlord lives in LA and isn't coming for the rental process, so her friend who lives here has been helping. He never told me that the dog had to be small... ANyway, the other place is a basement ohana under a super nice house with lush foliage surrounding it. The lady who owns it is an Aussie and has a 14 year old daughter. We bonded upon meeting and she says she'll rent month to month, but doesn't want a dog! I am considering allowing a willing party to keep Jack if we can find one (know anybody???). THe ohana is partly furnished and is about a block from the beach. It is immaculate with tile floors and burber carpet in the bedroom. There is a wild peacock that occasionally visits the backyard that may prove to be a pain!

I made it to the Maui Dept. of Ed. office today for fingerprinting today and opened an acct. at the First Bank of HI. I am required to have direct deposit for work and it has to be a HI bank. No biggie. I am looking forward to finding out where I will live so I can have an address. My school may fire me when they get all of the packages and mail that will be arriving there soon.

The coolest thing I've seen so far are where the mountains meet the ocean with a cloudy mist covering them. Also saw some very fast windsurfing off of the Hana Hwy the other day. It is known as the best windsurfing in the world there. I can see why.

Well, that's it. I know it was long and drawn out!! Hope I haven't bored you. Be in touch please!! I will be changing my cell phone number to a local number tomorrow due to an inflated bill for unknown reasons at this time. I'll send out an email with my new info. when I have it. Take care!! Aloha!


Messiah said...

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thesuz said...

What the heck are you talking about. Not interested!