Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No definite answers yet...

The following is an email I wrote to Kathy Gontarek (Scott's mom) which sums up the latest with my job situation...

Thanks very much for your concern and your email. I really have been going thru a time with this non-sense. The DOE here is so messed up, I just never experienced it until now. It looks like my current position will be secure, but not guarantees until the 9th when the student counts are reported. Based on the numbers today, if one new kid can get registered by that time (ie. their parents get their TB tests, etc), and one of my enrolled students show (he's been out all week b/c his mom just had a baby) than it's okay. I hate that my stability is relying on so many factors out of my control. Thankfully, the early intervention job I was offered is still available and most likely mine if I want it. The only reason I don't just say to hell with it and take that job is that the current one is closer to my house, requires no daily travel (the other requires homevisits), and my time off is much better. My poor mother has gotten so many frantic phone calls from me in the past week, it's ridiculous. Argh!!

Enough about me, how was the cabin? I am sure it was great! I know that is a special place for you all.

Everything else has been going well since I've been back... there is a family from Luxomburg (sp?) staying in the upstairs of the house where I live. They invited me to dinner Monday night and it was great! they are very colorful, kind, well traveled people.They have extended an invitation for me to visit them anytime. I'm telling you, this house swap thing is where it's at! They leave Sunday and a new family from Austria is coming in. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to spend some time with them as well.
Have a great day and thanks for keeping in touch!!

Aloha, Susie

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