Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kurt's leavin', getting settled at work....sick already...

Hi. I write tonight with a head cold (sinus infection?)... Fun, fun. Only been back to work one week and already a head cold! Damn that was quick. These Hawaiian germs are different than the ones in VA!!

It seems that the numbers worked out at work and I'll be staying put. Thankfully, the worst case scenario was avoided. My kids are manageable and fun, my room is coming together quiet nicely (very well stocked with new materials), and having a/c is great. Sometimes it's a little chilly, but nothing a sweatshirt can't handle!!

I'm having a some people over Saturday evening.. pupu's (appetizers) and drinks on the lanai. Should be fun. I invited the couple upstairs from Austria, but they said they are nursing colds and will let me know. I feel the same as they do, so I hope I get better quick! I plan to go to the doctor tomorrow if I don't feel substantially better anyway. I can always reschedule if I have to.

My friend, Kurt, is moving back to Michigan next week. :( He is one of my good buddies here and is about the 5th friend who has left since May! This is such a transient island.. it makes it tough when you get to know someone and then off they go. I know we will keep in touch, but it won't be the same here without him. I know he'll be happier in Michigan so I want him to go.

My Great Aunt Stella's memorial service was yesterday. I haven't heard about it yet, I'll call my gramma this weekend. I know it is really a difficult time for her especially. Stella was an incredible woman. Very positive, upbeat, kind, and fun. She and my grampa were really neat people.

Have a great day!!


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