Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jack's Scary Episode...

I had a scare tonight with Jack. We went for our evening walk around 7 pm. He was fine. When we returned, he was sleeping on the floor at the end of my bed. He tried to get up and walk towards me, but was unable to stand up. He crawled awkwardly toward me, shaking and drooling. I got him outside in case he got sick, and every time he tried to stand and walk, he staggered and fell. He lied on me for a few minutes, still shaking. It was super scary. I called the vet and he agreed to meet me & Jack at his office.

Jack walked to the car pretty much with ease. He staggered a little in the car. When we got to the vet's office (Dr. Dressler), he seemed to have improved dramatically. The doc and nurse did an exam and took blood and feces. They asked me a bunch of questions. They wanted to be sure Jack didn't get a hold of a toad-- they are poisonous here. I told them I didn't think there was any way he had. They ruled that out based on the fact that he wasn't ruling excessively and continuously. One of the questions ended up linking an odd behavior to what may have happened. Two days ago, Jack peed on his bed. He NEVER pees in the house, and especially not where he sleeps. I just thought it was wierd and forgot about it. Now the Dr. thinks that since he experienced loss of bladder control a few days ago and then he had this weird episode tonight, Jack is having seizures (two this week?). I told him that Jack had gotten into some bad chicken a few days ago and asked if any of this could be related to that. He said that the tests would help to rule out the seizures if the problem was with a parasite, or with the kidneys, liver, etc.

Dr. D. just called and is convinced this is all due to seizure activity. I hope he is wrong, but fear he is right. The bed wetting I think happened before Jack got into the chicken if I remember correctly. Now he wants me to get up with him every 3 hrs. tonight just to be sure he's okay, which of course I will do. The idea that Jack is having seizures and just having to see him so helpless earlier really is hard to deal with.

Keep your fingers crossed that this was all just some wierd aberration. I am hoping he is fine.

Good nite.


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