Friday, August 25, 2006

Bamboo Boogie

A guy I met on my ride home from VA, Mike, came to visit this weekend from Oahu. We went hiking at the bamboo forest with my friends Arien and Maria. It was fun! There were 3 waterfalls along the hike, and to get to the last one you had to swim down this little river. No major cuts or bruises for me thankfully! I actually jumped off a 20 ft. ledge by a waterfall, which is pretty brave for me! There were people jumping off of questionable areas, but I played it pretty safe. Almost chickened out, but had to go for it. Everyone else was doing it!! Maria actually fell the next day on a different hike and is a little banged up. Thankfully nothing serious, but some major cuts and bruises. Oweee!

We went to see Katch a Fire, a reggae band from New Zealand, Sat. night. That was fun. Saw a bunch of people from Tuesday night volleyball there.

Planning a trip surfing in Lahaina for Sat. am with my tennis buddy Christine. I don’t go enough to get any better yet, but I did ride a wave in all the way to shore last time all by myself!! Progress.

Work is good. I just do my thing in my room and try to ignore the incompetence outside of my room. My assistant is AWESOME and my kids are really high functioning. I do have a new student on the way, so this may change soon!

Signing off for now. Aloha to you.


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