Sunday, August 06, 2006

Easy like Sunday Morning..

Aloha. I am lounging around today with a sore throat and low energy. BUMMER! My great aunt, Stella, passed away yesterday. She was 89 years old and such an amazing woman. I got to see her when I was visiting NY last month, so I'm thankful for that. Poor Jack wants to go for a long walk and right now I just don't have it in me! Maybe later today!!

The family staying upstairs (from Luxomberg) leaves today. The family from Austria arrived last night. I hope to get to know this new family as well as the last.

Things look good for my job situation. The principal at my school told me Friday that she is confident that our numbers are good. That's a relief!!

Bye for now!

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Hagen Royall said...

I'm glad the numbers are looking good about your job!
That's some crazy mess to be going through, that really sucks, but it sounds like all is going to turn out well.