Saturday, September 23, 2006

Going to Kauai in one week!!

Hi!! Hope this post finds you happy and well. I am lying low this Saturday evening in south Maui. Went hiking at Poli Poli park today with some girl friends. Just a light hike with my new hiking shoes on and my full backpack. A test run to prepare for our big hike on the Na Pali coast on Kauai next week!! Check it out at this site:

I have been to Poli Poli one other time (when I first moved here). The temp is cool and it is so majestic to walk with your head literally in the clouds. I will post pics soon. Got a new digital camera, so hope they turned out great!

We leave next Friday for our 4 day excursion on Kauai (another outer island). A group of 5-6 of us are going. I only know one girl well who is going and the rest are guys I've met once or twice. Should be an adventure. We are going to either hike in (11 miles one way) and camp or have one of the guys friends drop us off where we wanna camp (by boat) and then hike out the 11 miles. The latter is my vote as 22 miles over 3 days sounds hard core!! I am not a big hiker, but hopefully it will not be to crazy!! I will be taking tons of pics b/c I hear it is absolutely beautiful.

Better sign off for now. Keep in touch when you can!!

Aloha, Susie

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