Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fire in Maalea

A brush fire that started yesterday morning in Maalea (about 20 min north of me) has now burned approx. 2000 acres of land. It is still not under control. We could see it last night from my house...I wish I could have gotten a good picture of it b/c it was pretty amazing to see. Scary! Here is a link about it:

Can't find the Hokie game on t.v. Mom and Mike are there. Found the score and it looks like a blowout.

We were supposed to camp near where the fire is, so now we have to change our plans. Hope we still go. Planning a trip to Oahu next weekend. The flights are really cheap.

My Aunt Myrna has invited me to join her on a trip to South Africa. If I can pull it off, that would be so awesome!! Still trying to look into what it would cost, etc.

Have a good one!!

Aloha, Susie

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