Thursday, May 11, 2006

Monk seal in Kihei!

(Me, Matt, and Ashley - two friends who are moving off island next month!)
I was walking on the beach road yesterday with some girls and we stopped to talk to a lifeguard that one of them knew, and he told us there was a monk seal on the beach resting. We checked it out.. it was cool! He was just hanging out basking in the sun!! Apparently they do that every now and then, but I had never seen one do it.

Making my plans for my trip to the Mainland. Four days in Tennessee, a week in the Outer Banks and the rest in VA. Can't wait. Someone at work said we have 18 more days at school!! :) Sounds good to me!

Well, I'm gonna go for now. Have a great day.

Much aloha, Susie

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