Saturday, March 04, 2006

Whale Watching

Aloha to you. Went whale watching on a Pacific Whale Foundation boat today. It was sweet! Apparently we were out at the right time because we ended up seeing these four males "competing" for a female whale. We watched them for over an hour and it was amazing. They looked like they were showing off!! I'll attach pics when we get them downloaded.

I also played my first match in this new mixed double's league in Wailea today. It was good but the guy I played with was a goob. Dad and Maggie came to watch and then we went to check out some sights in the area. We went to a black sand beach I'd never seen.. it was pretty cool. Not as cool as I thought it'd be, but pretty good. The sand was more dark brown than black.

Dad and Maggie leave on Monday. I've enjoyed having them here. I also got to hang out with Karen and Bill Hargette a few times last week. They were visiting about 45 minutes north of here. We had a great time!

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