Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sharks, boats, visitors

Greetings from paradise! I have had a few complaints about my new island attitude towards my blog. "No worries... " "I'll do it later..." "I'm too lazy to download pics from my camera..." These are a few of my best excuses for my lameness. Now it's overcast and I drank too much yesterday so I don't feel like exherting much more energy then this, so here it goes! The latest happenings on Kihei: 2 shark attacks in two weeks (one a free diver whose torso was found the next day, one teenager in TWO feet of water whose leg was bitten), a Pacific Whale Foundation boat (think PETA for Whales) ran over a mama whale and her calf (they apparently are okay although I've heard conflictual info. on them), and the sun is on haitus. It has been sunny exactly three days in so many weeks. I need some sun!! I know I'm not getting any sympathy from you mainlanders. Although I have heard the weather in the BLUES has been pretty good lately. Cool.

I went on a sunset sailing trip yesterday with Kurt and Steve (Kurt's boss) and two colleagues of theirs. We had a blast although it was a rude awakening when the bill came for our drinks at the end of the cruise (we thought they were included in the cost of the trip)! Thankfully I wasn't buying so the awakening wasn't as rude for me. While we were underway, a huge whale swam under the middle of the boat (between the long thingies that keep the boat afloat..I don't know what they are called- no comments Ethan), sprayed his blowhole water all over these guys sitting in front of me, and came out the other side. It was bizzarely cool!

Visitors have been coming like crazy since early February. Of course I love it! Linda and Bob Burgess will be here (just for a day) on the 21st, and Hagen is coming for my spring break on the 26th for a week. I just found out that my friend Jordan (a pilot for Pacific Wings--a small airline) can get me tickets to Oahu, Hawa'i, Kuai or Lanai for 60 bucks roundtrip! SAWWEET. They are usually like $180. No offense, Jordan, but I hope you don't find a job off island for a little while.
This brings new possibilities for island hopping!

Well, I've rambled long enough. Hope things are going your way in your world. Be in touch when you can. Here are the latest pics I've posted.. they are from my mom's trip here...

Malama pono (take care)-

Susie :)

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