Sunday, December 18, 2005


Greetings from Maui! Hope you are as ready for Christmas as I am. Especially the part where I don't have to work. :) The long term sub for my co-teacher has worn out her welcome (actually she did that on Day 1) and it's time for her to go! Yesterday was my nephew, Gavin's, 4th bday. I was on speaker phone today to help sing Happy Birthday to him. I miss him!! I get in Thursday morning (an overnight flight- fun fun!). I'm trying to get up at 3 am on Wed. morning so I'll be able to sleep on the plane. I may have to have a few cocktails at the airport in Oahu. Oh darn.

Jack is catching on to my approaching departure. I pulled out my suitcases and he started acting strange. I tried to tell him that he'll be with Kurt and get to go to work with him, but he didn't listen! At least he doesn't have to endure an airplane ride any time soon! That would be horrible.

We had an 86 year old lady, Miss Tutu, for a substitute sub on Friday (Tutu is the Hawaiian word for Grandma). This woman was spunky and fun!! It was half way thru the day when I realized that she was the same woman that Kurt met at a bar one night! HA HA! Who says it has to be a bitch to get old?? I will request her next time I'm out for sure. The kids loved her!

Well, I'll sign off for now. I look forward to seeing friends and family really soon!! :) Aloha.

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