Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spring cleaning, spring break

i love spring break. not b/c i don't love my job. i do. but because i get to do whatever i want whenever i want to do it. and here is a shocker: i went into work today! my mom left last night after a really great visit :), and today was the first day that i could have done ANYTHING that i wanted. and i went to work... what?! so unlike me! but i have so much to do in my classroom and my house looks so awesome right now (thanks, mom) that it just made the most sense.

after working, i came home and watched this week's webcast of the book i'm reading (again) called A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's True Purpose. and then i set up a last minute book club meeting at the beach park by my house. i just had to discuss this week's chapter and couldn't wait until sunday, our regular meeting day. four of us ended up meeting and as always, it was totally inspiring. as i was leaving i noticed my friend jenn had text me and i went to her house to see her new baby boy, liam. he's sooooo sweet. i think i'm in love!

the only thing i have planned for the rest of the week is tennis practice on hursday and a match this weekend. that's it. and i love it!

jack has arthritis. :( it comes and goes and is worst in the morning. we are experimenting with supplements now. it's hard to believe that my baby jack is 9 years old!

i sign off by saying that i have the best mom in the whole world. i already knew this before she came to visit, of course, but i am just more positive it's true now. such a giving, awesome woman, my mama! thanks mom for being you, for putting so much hard work into my place, and for testing my strength in resisting shopping by having us go into every store from lahaina to paia. i loved the time we got to spend together!

Aloha, Susie

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