Sunday, December 30, 2007

Virginia is for...

Lovers? I'm enjoying my time with family and friends here in the commonwealth. Been lying pretty low!! I did get to play tennis indoors with my mom the other day which felt great. Planning a fondue party with my friend Kimberly for New Year's Eve. Just a small gathering of friends. Leave on Thursday for Miami to watch the Hokies kick butt in the Orange Bowl. Have to admit that I am looking forward to palm trees and balmy weather even though I've only been gone from Maui for a week! I called to check on Jack yesterday (he is boarded in Makawao) and it seems that he is hanging in there. Poor baby had a few hotspots that were healing when I left. We will both enjoy a long walk on the beach when I get back!

I have a steady flow of visitors coming to Maui starting the 9th of January and ending when my mom leaves in the middle of March! I am really looking forward to seeing Ashley and Kurt (friends who used to live on Maui who now live on the mainland, mom of course, and my good friend Aimee who is in school in Michigan and has never been to hawaii! Jill is even making the trip out in June!! I have to admit that I'm most excited about Jill and Aimee b/c they have never been to the rock! We will get in some great hiking, kayaking, and exploring.

Gotta go for now. Much aloha!!


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