Sunday, September 16, 2007

someone stole my slippers!


after 4 days of being stuck inside with a nasty sinus infection, i venture down to the beach with jack for sunset. while i was walking him, someone stole my slippers! i usually don't wear decent slippers to walk jack, but tonight i did. and some chick stole them!! i can't believe it. now how's that for aloha spirit??

i lucked out and got the most awesome exchange for my time share for fall break! it's on the north shore of kauai, another hawaiian island about 45 minutes away by plane. i can't wait! the only other time i've been to kauai it was to hike the kaulalau trial. that was no relaxing, leisurely hike! the place we're staying in has a spa, tennis courts, several pools, and beach access at Hanalei Bay. now, that's what i'm talking about!! not many friends have the week off so the few that are coming will just come for as many days as they can. i have to arrange for jack to be taken care of tomorrow.

i am sad to say that there will be a memorial service this week in NY for my 30 yr old cousin, Ronnie Mayfield. He had been missing for several weeks and they found his body on the bank of a river near where he lived. :( I know his mom is absolutely crushed. I will call her tomorrow. I haven't known quite what to say to her. I still can't believe it. :(

back to work tomorrow. will be playing catch up for a few days i'm sure and hopefully the kids' behavior wasn't affected much by my being out! Happy birthday mom (it was yesterday) and happy early birthday to Kathy Gontarek!
Aloha, Susie

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