Saturday, September 08, 2007

September 8

Aloha. Haven't posted in awhile... School is in full swing.. I only have 4 students at this time, but that is sure to change soon. Just joined 2 USTA tennis leagues (finishing a mixed league right now) that will start in October. Looking into doing an exchange with one of my timeshare weeks for fall break to another island (9/29-10/6). so far nothing is showing available so if it works out, it'll have to be last minute. Yesterday was Jill's 30th bday!! Old lady! Which makes me an even older lady, of course. The construction continues behind my house (as it has since I moved in over a year ago). I am seriously thinking I may lose my entire view by the time it is complete. They are putting up a retaining wall. I hope that is not the case obviously. Going to lunch with this new guy I met on Sunday. We shall see. I am starting to think that single is just the way for me. I just can't seem to meet the right guy yet. Not sweating it too much b/c it doesn't do any good anyway!

Gavin started Kindergarten this week. I talked to him the other day and asked how kindergarten was. He said "I'm not done with it yet!" Ha ha. That boy is something else for sure!

Off to walk Jacko. Have a great day!

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