Thursday, January 18, 2007

A new lease...

I am going upstairs later today to meet the house swappers from Australia, and to sign a one year lease! I guess that means I'm staying here at least another year!! The only reason I wouldn't is if I got a job offer from the D.O.D.E.A. that I couldn't refuse. I'll worry about that if it happens. My landlords are great so I'm sure they'd work with me. They actually will be in Australia when I arrive in March and have offered to pick me up at the airport and that I could stay with them the last few days they are there if I want. :)

Off to a training today. I hope it is good b/c I hate leaving my class with my new student. My assistant, Donna, is awesome, but I still feel badly.

Mom and Mike get to Hawaii in a few weeks. Looking forward to it.

Bye for now!!

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