Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hump Day in Kihei

busy busy at work this week. i have a new student who is very involved and very awesome. he is keeping us on our toes but bringing lots of joy. jack's gaining a little weight (he lost some when i was in va...) so he is lookin' better. tennis is good. played last night and tonight and will play tomorrow night. keeps me out of trouble. looking forward to a visit with mom and mike next month! i will actually first see them in honolulu when they arrive to stay with some friends of theirs. i just happened to be on that island that weekend for the pro bowl. looking forward to a great bday weekend! an old friend from high school that i haven't seen in over 10 years will be there visiting (cory). will stay at jim's sweet pad with heather and julie for the weekend and then a hotel for a training there sunday and monday night. will meet mom and mike with their friends for dinner probably monday night and then they head to maui the next weekend. :) mom will stay for two weeks.

trying to plan my trip to australia. it looks like it will be me going it solo.. a few people said they'd go and have since flaked for one reason or another. well, at least i can do whatever i want when i'm there.. if only i can decide what exactly that is. apparently it is a very solo friendly place to travel. my landlords will be in sydney when i arrive and have offered to pick me up at the airport. not sure if i'll stay with them a few days or in a hostel or cheap hotel. they will only be there for 3 days after i arrive. i know i'll explore some of sydney and now the big decision is where else to go. melbourne? cairns? byron bay? i don't have much time to travel between so i think i should pick one other place besides sydney. i'm doing my homework now. better go catch up on some much needed rest. have a good one!!

adios for now.

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