Monday, November 13, 2006

Shark attack!!

So this morning I get to work and I'm talking to a coworker about our long weekend. He mentions that there were a few south Maui beaches closed yesterday due to a shark attack and wanted to know which ones they were. Well, this was news to me! I was swimming in the ocean yesterday at Keawekapu beach right down from my house!! This was apparently one of the beaches that was supposed to be closed. Scary! Read about it below... the actual attack happened about 2 miles from where I was yesterday.

On a lighter note, I went snorkeling at this place called The Fishbowl Friday on my day off. It was really something. We hiked 30 minutes through a lava field to get to a nicely protected little cove. There were more varieties of fish than I'd seen here in one spot. It was great! Come visit me so I can take you here...

My lunch is almost over, so I better go. Hope you are having a happy Monday!!



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