Saturday, November 25, 2006

Christmas music is already on the radio!

It's only two days after Thanksgiving and they are playing Christmas music on the radio already! Keep in mind there are only 2 half way decent radio stations on the island and one of them was playing Christmas music earlier! I am all about the holidays, but COME ON!!

Ok, now that I got that griping out of the way...

Hoping that Tech continues to play well so we can go see them play in the Chic-Filet Bowl. Time will tell!!

There is a WTA tourney where I play tennis this week. I went to a qualifying match yesterday. Wow! Some serious tennis. Apparently I just missed Phillipousis (sp?) warming up. Hope to see some good tennis tomorrow. Most of the matches are this week while I'm working. Can we say long lunch??

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the fam in a few weeks. Crazy to think that it's almost December. Going to see U2 on Oahu before I go home. That should be a great weekend for sure!

Cheers, Susie

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