Thursday, June 01, 2006

And now the latest from Kihei..

A cow fell off of a cliff at nearby Hookipa beach yesterday! There are these herds of cattle that graze on this cliff with a really scenic view of the popular windsurfing beach called Hookipa (about 30 minutes from here). Yesterday, a friend from work told me that one of the cows fell off the cliff, therefore closing the beach. Why? Because the sharks were having a feeding frenzy. Scary! How random is that? All I kept thinking was that the cow that was standing next to the one that fell was probably like, "He was just here.. where'd he go?" Crazy, huh?!

I took off today to clean my old place and unpack a little at my new place. Jack has settled down after a rough time last night. I left him on the deck while I went to the grocery store (that is what I agreed to do when I leave the house) and while I was there my new landlord called. Apparently Jack had been incessantly barking and the neighbors had called to complain. Great first impression on our first night here! I am now paranoid that when I go to work tomorrow he might do it again. The only thing I can come up with is that he was freaked out in a new place and just barked for attention. He usually doesn't bark unless it's AT something and even then it's usually pretty short lived. I am hoping this won't happen again. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

One more week of school! I have lots of work to do here and at work, and then I leave on the 10th for VA. Will get to celebrate Lisa's birthday the day before her actual bday by going to see Kevin and Randy play at the Yorktown Pub. Then I'm off to Tennessee on the 15th for Bonnaroo. I hope I haven't gotten in over my head on that whole venture.

Well, it's back to my boxes. I have to sit on the lanai to check my email b/c my modem doesn't pick up a signal inside. Oh well. At least it works outside!

Aloha to you, Susie :)

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