Sunday, November 20, 2005

Willie is here!

Finally, a day of good live music. Hoping to see a great show at the MAC today featuring Willie Nelson and Jack Johnson. Thanks to Kurt for driving his work van!!

I have a tennis match here shortly. I am trying to wake up right now. My roommate, Sasha, and I went up to Kapalua yesterday snorkeling. It was one of the two best snorkeling trips I've been on since I've been here. We made the mistake of drinking a beer with lunch which pretty much knocked me out!

The dust of Kihei has just about taken over my condo. We have decided that we must get some help trying to tame the dirt. My landlord cleans houses, so she is coming tomorrow to do a top to bottom cleaning. I figure it will last about 2 days and will be a mess again. Oh well. Worth a try.

Talked to Billy and Ethan for a few yesterday. Of course Billy was the same old sweetheart!! That was the first time I talked to Ethan in a really long time. Sounds like he is dong well. Just in from sailing a boat to Fla. from NY.

Well, I suppose I'll make some breakfast. Haven't been writing here too much lately so I thought I'd do a quick catch up. I have off Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. My goal is to not spend money for awhile. I really have been ripping through it.

Happy Turkey Day to you!! Ciao, Susie

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