Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting my feet on the ground....I found a brand new house!

It has been a whirlwind since I landed in Stuttgart 8 days ago. I have met two teachers from my school who are single, new to DODDs (dept of defense dependents schools) and they are making my transition here so much easier. John is a fun guy who grew up in Italy and has taught for the past 10 years in Denver. Marlene is from D.C., and taught in Turkey on a Fullbright Scholarship last year. I am thrilled to have them as my new support system here in Germany!! Anyway, Jack is doing great. We are moving to the hotel on post today (they haven't had availability) to be closer to school. John will pick us (and all of my stuff up) around 11 am this morning and after making the move, we will work in our classrooms for several hours. With all of the running around with housing, taking driver's license tests, etc., we didn't get nearly enough time to work in our classrooms this week. My students don't start until 9/2, and for that I am grateful. I could not be ready for tomorrow which is the first day of school for everyone else.

Sooo... I found a fabulous house!! Typically finding housing here is a nightmare but I got really lucky and got the first house I looked at. I will post pics when I can take some (my camera is broken) but here are the basics:

4 bedrooms, all tile and marble, new construction, rooftop patio, balcony, heated floors, fireplace, garden, garage, furnished kitchen..... it's unbelievable. It is about a 20 minute drive from work (which by maui standards is really far away!), and 25 minutes from the city. The trains here are fabulous, so that will help with the distance issue.

I have to get packing (again) here in my hotel room. More to come soon. Sorry for not responding to emails individually, but everyone is asking the same questions and I have so much to do!! Love and miss you.



Anonymous said...

I wish you well on your newest adventure! I am looking forward to the photos.

pandyhawaii said...

Oh my gosh -- its sounds like everything is just coming together for you perfectly. Glad to hear you met some people that can be your support group. Can't wait to see pictures of your house -- wow!! At least you have another week before your kiddos start :)! Good luck with that!!!!

Even though we never got together much, I still miss ya!! Take care and keep posting when you can!!