Friday, April 08, 2005

Back to reality

Well, well, well... First week back after my trip to Nassau. A little bit of a struggle to get up on Monday morning, but by Tuesday night I was draggin big time. Ended up going to bed early a few nights to catch up on some sleep. I miss my days of lying by the pool doing nothing! All in all a pretty good week. Deondra did give me a bit of hard time on Tuesday, and Christian was a holy terror yesterday morning, but otherwise pretty smooth. The new student, Brooke, is adjusting pretty nicely. (other than the fact that she peed on the gym floor today!) Haven't heard from the EPS people about teaching in HI next year, but finally spoke to someone from the DODDs program. Found out that I will not know if there is a position available until summertime. May make it hard to plan, but at least I know that it is still possible to get a position maybe. I'm trying to get things in order to be prepared either way.

Got a new Beta fish for my class today, I think we'll name him Wally. He came from Walmart and it's the best name we've come up with yet. Cody wanted to name him Fluffy, but we weren't so sure about that!! Jack's got two new hot spots so I get to bathe him now. Fun, fun. Need to vacuum and get this place straightened up. Going to Richmond tomorrow night to see Simon and hopefully check out Jared's restaurant when it's open. Should be fun. Maybe I'll go see Sarah in the next few weekends up in Northern VA. Anyway, off to bathe Jack! Cheers.

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